I would like to be your Tulip, blow off with your hand,
you will put me to a vase with clear water,
then you take off your blouse, tied with a Hemp,
you will smell me, my death you will put away.


I would like to be a stone, what you spot by chance,
the light of your memories, when you hold with your hand,
and you make me warm,with your sweet heat,
you compose a poems about me, that i am deathless.


I would like to be a butterfly, what land in your hair,
you will become a painter and my colours you will paint,
on the meadow you will lay down, to my world of fragrance,
a sun will make you tan and flowers will caress. 


I would like to be a knight,who put his life to your feet,
with love your doctor, what maladies put away

then when we are in hug, under influence heavenly power
we are both in captivity, never ending while.

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